Jerrold Landau
Genealogical and Translation Services

I am pleased to present you with a selection of downloadable audio lectures that I have presented over the course of the years. These are based on family history, Yizkor (Memorial) book translations, as well as religious themes.  All but the most recent were transfered to mp3 from the original casette tape recordings, so the quality may not be perfect.   In some cases, the introductory remarks are less clear than the main body of the lecture, once I start speaking.   Any feedback is appreciated.


The history of the Landau family in Ottawa (as well as the Epstein / Rachlin familes).  Presented at the Ottawa Jewish Historical Society, June 1997


Download: Landaufam.mp3

The Ins and Outs of Yizkor Book Translation.  Presented at the Conference of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS), July, 2002.


Holocaust Testimonies and Eastern European History. What can you learn from Yizkor books?   Presented at Holocaust Education Week, Beth Lida Synagogue, Toronto, 2008.


Informal talk on my Yizkor Book Translation projects delivered at an evening gathering in 2009. 


Download: ybtranslations.mp3

Yahrzeit Shiur given at Emuna Shleima Synagogue on the first Yahrzeit of my father Issie Landau of blessed memory, Sept 10, 1997:  Topic:  Malchyot, Zichronot, Shofarot, the efficacity of the prime elements of the Rosh Hashanah service.


Yahrzeit Shiur given at Emunah Shleima Synagogue on the second Yahrzeit of Issie Landau, of blessed memory, August 30, 1998.  Topic:  The month of Elul as a preparation period for the High Holy Days.


Yahrzeit Shiur given at Emunah Shleima Synagogue on the fifth Yahrzeit of Issie Landau of blessed memory, August 27, 2001.  Topic: The Holiday of Sukkot.


On occasion, I have appeared on a new radio show on the Toronto Multicultural station, called The Wisdom Show. 

Here is an episode from July 2, 2021:  The Wisdom Show, July 2, 2021

Here is an episode from Aug 27, 2021:  The Wisdom Show, Aug 27, 2021