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This page provides links to various professional publications, presentations, and workshops I have been involved with over my software development career.  The first four stem from my M.A.Sc. work at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of the University of Toronto in the mid 1980s.  The remainder stem from the period of time at IBM where I was heavily involved in the software test and globalization communities.   The links point to the online reference to the publication, and do not necessarily contain the entire article.


(This list does not include those presentations presented at internal IBM events.)




 DIAG: A computer-assisted dermatologic diagnostic system -- clinical expertise and insight (Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology,1985)


   JAAD 1985

 DIAG: A computer program for diagnosing dermatology (presentation at Canadian Medical and Biomedical Engineering Society Conference, Vancouver, 1986)



 An Error Correcting Protocol for Medical Expert Systems (International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, 1987)


   Error Correcting Protocol

 Automatic speech recognition -- Can it improve the man-machine interface in medical expert systems?  (International Journal of Bio-Medical Computing, 1989)


   Automatic Speech Recognition

 An Overview of Testing Methodology and Experience at IBM Corepoint Banking Solutions (Quality Week, San Francisco, 2000)


   Quality Week, San Francisco, 2000

 The Role of Process in Software Testing  (CASCON workshop, Toronto, 2000)



The Testing Team: Its Role in the Big Picture of Software Development (CASCON workshop, Toronto 2001)



 Software Testing at IBM -- Tools of the Trade (CASCON workshop,Toronto, 2002)



Software Testing: Big Blue and Beyond;   and  Producing Software for the Global Marketplace -- the Ins and Outs of Translation Verification (CASCON workshop, Toronto, 2003)



 Requirements and Test Plans -- a Chicken and Egg Situation (IBM Software Test Symposium, Rochester MN, 2002.  Standby paper at PSQT, 2004)



 Testing for Globalization, Experience for IBM (PSQT, Washington D.C., March 2004, Minneapolis, October 2004, Also, StarEast, Orlando, 2003)


   PSQT 2004

The Production of Accessible Software (Issues and Challenges, CASCON workshop, Toronto, 2004)



 An Overview of Techniques and Issues in the Testing of Patches (International Software Quality Conference, Toronto, 2005)



 Issues and Challenges of Distributed Test Teams (Workshop at CASCON workshop, Toronto, 2005)



 A Study in Test Case Styles (International Software Quality Week, Toronto, 2006)



 Phases of the Test Cycle, Discrete Entities or Overlapping Network? (Quest, Toronto, 2008)


   Quest 2008

The Best of IBM Innovation: Advancements through Overcoming Technological Uncertainties (Workshop at CASCON, Toronto, 2018)