Jerrold Landau
Genealogical and Translation Services


I have been translating Yizkor Books, (books written by Holocaust survivors about the history of their towns and cities in pre-war Europe) since 1997. My translations are all published on-line at 


The following is an index of all translation projects in which I have been involved. Many of these are Encyclopedia articles (from Pinkas Hakehillot series) of varying length.  Some are full sized Yizkor books, either translated in their entirety or in part.  Books that I have translated close to their entirety include Podhajce, Zgierz, Sochaczew,  Debica, Roznyatow, Ruzhany.






 Yizkor Books of which I was (or am currently)  a full or partial translator  




Bolekhov, Ukraine (co-translator)
Braslaw, Belarus (several chapters)
Czyzewo, Poland (co-translator)    
Calarasi (Kalarash), Moldova (table of contents and one chapter)

Calarasi (Kalarash) in Romsig newsletter

Calarasi in Romsig Newsletter, Winter 1998

Chorzele, Poland
Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland

Debica (Dembitz), Poland (also in Polish translation based on my English translaton.)
Druzhkopol, Ukraine (co-translator)

Golub Dobrzyn, Poland (1 chapter, page 170)
Grodno, Belarus
Halmeu, Romania
Ivano Frankivsk (Stanislawow) Ukraine
Jonava, Lithuania
Kaunas  Lithuania (Kovno) one chapter from the book Lite
Kielce, Poland (only one chapter).  Also translated book of gravestone photos - not on line.
Kobylnik (Narach), Belarus. (partial translator)
Krasnik, Poland (co-translator)
Lenin, Belarus (co-translator)
Lezajsk (Lizhensk), Poland (co-translator)

Maramures district.  Chapters on Sziget, Romania, Khust (Transcarpathian Ruthenia) Ukraine.  

Depolya, Visimort, Desht, Ferest, Serb, Sanapatak, Dragomiresti, Rozavlea, Sacel, Ieud, Glod, Botiza, Sieu, Birsanif, Valen, Nanesti, Polien Glod, Strimatra, Slatina, Oncesti, Salist, Cuhca, Visieu de Mijloc, Viseul de Jos, Unterbistra, Berezovo, Danilif, Lisicova, Zadne, Zoltarif
Miedzyrzec, Poland


Minsk, Belarus
Molchadz (Maytchet) Belarus (co-translator)
Olkeniki (Valkininkai), Lithuania (one Hebrew chapter)
Orhei, Moldova (co-translator)
Podhajce, Ukraine
Przemysl, Poland (co-translator)
Przytyk, Poland
Ratno, Ukraine
Roznyatow, Ukraine
Ruzhany,  Belarus
Rzeszow, Poland
Sanok, Poland
Sierpc, Poland (co-translator focussing on Yiddish chapters)
Skala, Poland (co-translator)
Slutsk, Belarus (co-translator)
Sochaczew, Poland
Stawiski, Poland
Svencionys, Lithuania

Svisloch, Belarus
Telenesti, Moldova (outline only)
Turiysk, Ukraine
Turka, Ukraine
Tysmienica, Ukraine
Uscilug, Ukraine (one chapter)

Zambrow, Poland (outline only)
Zawiercie, Poland (my grandfather's hometown)
Zgierz, Poland (also in hardcover, and also in Polish translation based on my English translation)
Zuromin, Poland (co-translator)

Encyclopedia Articles  (from Pinkas Hakehillot -- of varying lengths, ranging from token articles of a few lines to significant works of 20 pages)


Assenheim, Germany

Augustow, Poland
Bad Nauheim, Germany
Bivolari, Romania

Blazowa, Poland
Bohorodczany, Ukraine
Bonstadt, Germany
Braila, Romania
Brzostek, Poland
Bucecea, Romania
Cehul Romania
Czchow, Poland
Craciunesti, Romania
Craidorlot, Romania
Crasna, Romania
Czudek, Poland
Derazhno, Ukraine
Falticeni, Romania
Gawejkiany, Lithuania

Gedern, Germany
Goniadz, Poland

Grodek (Horodok), Belarus
Halmeu, Romania

Hechtsheim, Germany

Holíč, Slovakia
Hunfeld, Germany
Ivano Frankivsk
Izabelin, Belarus
Jasionowka, Poland
Jodlowa, Poland
Jutrosin, Poland
Kamieniec, Belarus

Knyszyn, Poland
Kolaczyce, Poland
Kocsord, Hungary

Kolki, Ukraine
Lasin Poland
Lawoczne, Ukraine
Lubawa, Poland
Mariampol. Ukraine

Markobel, Germany
Medenice, Ukraine
Meerholz, Germany
Michaliszki, Belarus
Miedzychod, Poland
Mosciska, Ukraine
Murowana Goslina, Poland
Nagyesced, Hungary
Nieder Olm, Germany
Nyircsaholy, Hungary
Nyirmegges, Hungary
Oberthulba, Germany
Odrzywol, Poland
Osjakow, Poland
Osowa Wyszka, Ukraine
Ozorkow, Poland
Piatek, Poland

Plawno, Poland

Ploiesti, Romania
Pomiechowek, Poland

Praszka, Poland

Przeclaw, Poland
Radgoszcz, Poland
Reca, Slovakia
Rozyscze, Ukraine

Rubel, Belarus

Ruzhany, Belarus

Ryglice, Poland
Sedziszow, Poland
Seini, Romania

Somcuta Mare, Romania

Stanislavczyk, Ukraine
Stara Sil, Ukraine
Stary Sambor, Ukraine
Stopnica, Poland
Suchedniow, Poland

Suchowola, Poland
Szczuczin, Poland

Tarnobrzeg-Dzikow, Poland
Tekovske Sarluhy, Slovakia

Trczianne, Poland
Troki, Lithuania
Uniejow, Poland
Ulaskivtsi, Ukraine
Urspringen, Germany

Zabludow, Poland

Zabrzezie, Belarus

Zaskiewicze, Poland

Zelwa, Belarus

Zlate Moravce, Slovakia


Some of the Yizkor books that I have translated now appear in print as well

(in some cases, I was partial translator)


Bolechow, Ukraine

Chorzele, Belarus

Jonava, Lithuania

Molchad, Belarus

Orhei, Moldova

Podhajce, Ukraine

Rozniatow, Ukraine

Ruzhany, Belarus

Sierpc, Poland

Skala, Poland


Stawiski, Poland

Turka, Ukraine

Zgierz, Poland