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1) Janet and Jim Schnitz 
Salt Lake City
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Friday, 1 September 2017 17:35 Host: Write a comment

First, sorry to be writing this right before the Sabbath. Hopefully, you will pick this up on Sunday and be able to reply. My husband is Jim Schnitz from Evanston, Illinois. His father was Louis and his grandfather was Aron Schnitz from Zhytomir, Ukraine. Aron and his brothers/sisters left the Ukraine in early 1900s according to family lore after a pogrom. Aron was married to Mamie or Meite Grollman. Mamie was born in Lituania. We are currently on the phone with Madge Raskin Levin who is on Facebook with you. We don't do Facebook, so I'm contacting you this way. We are particularly interested in locating relatives and particularly pushing the family information back into Russian antecedents. I am in the process of writing a family history that involves historical context, photos, and genealogical research. My husband and I recently went to Budapest to research his Hungarian Schwartz ancestors. We are trying to locate relatives lost in the Shoah. We would love to work with you to help locate more of the family. Thank you for your time.
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